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Food safety is our core value and high product quality is our promise.


We are professional, faithful and creative, and are dedicated to offering our partners comprehensive solutions with diversified and customized products.






Our core products are classified into 3 categories


  • Food additive – caramel color: widely used in yellow rice wine, cola, tea beverage, seasoning, bakery, confection and other fields.
  • Food flavor enhancers: widely used in instant food, puffed snack food, meat products, frozen food and other fields.
  • Specified catering seasoning: widely used in sauce packet, cooking seasoning, dressing, barbecue sauce and other fields.





 Global Presence​ 

Founded in 1993, AIPU Food Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and Research & Development company in food additive and seasonings in China. We provide products and service to customers in more than 80 countries and regions, and keep long-term partnership with numbers of multinational food groups. In the past years, AIPU FOOD received trust from our clients due to high quality products, sound technical support and service. As a globally competitive manufacturer of food additives and ingredients, AIPU FOOD has an excellent reputation in Southeast Asia, Latin America and other regions.

In order to keep the promise of ‘providing the clients with stable and high-quality products’ and adapt to the developmental needs of company’s business in future, AIPU FOOD is continuously increasing its scale. AIPU FOOD now operates with an annual capacity of 100,000 tons. Booming in domestic and foreign markets, AIPU FOOD is uninterruptedly engaged in technological innovation and industrial update.


Quality & Food Safety

As an industry pioneer, AIPU FOOD is invited as a major drafter for several national food safety standards of China. For example, AIPU FOOD led the formulation of GB 29939-2013 for Disodium Succinate and the amendment of GB 1886.64-2015 for Caramel Color. We make unremitting endeavor to accelerate the development of Chinese food additive industry. AIPU FOOD promises hereby: Our caramel color, hydrolyzed vegetable protein compound powder/liquid and soy sauce powder are non-GMO.


So far, we have obtained the following certifications:


•FSSC22000 Food Safety Systems Certification

•ISO22000 Food Safety Management Systems Certification

•HACCP System Certification

•Halal Certification

•Kosher Certification




The contents and measures in aspect of food safety

1. Quality control of raw material

 1) Use high-quality raw material in production;

 2) Specialize standards of raw materials;

 3) Screen and manage suppliers by different levels;

 4) Detect and control key indicators of raw materials’ quality;

 5) Manage transportation and storage of raw materials;

 6) Strict control of shelf life of raw materials.


2. Quality control of processing

 1) Comprehensive quality control & management network are established;

 2) Production personnel are fully trained and professional technicians conduct tracking and monitoring during production;

 3) Temperature and pressure in production are strictly controlled, and the key parameters changed during production are automatically recorded by computers;

 4) Equipment cleaning and cleanness verifying procedure is established and inspected by Quality Control & Quality Assurance Department;

 5) Pest control within the plant area is conducted by professional pest control companies.


3. Control of intermediate goods and finished products

 1) Security design for package of finished products;

 2) Accurate and clear label to ensure the traceability of production process;

 3) Computerized storage management system;

 4) Qualified personnel with expertise in inspection;

 5) Thorough quality control standards based on China national standards, similar international standards like FCC and the characteristics of products;

 6) Advanced detection apparatus and expert maintenance personnel;

 7) Regular verification and correction of inspection results;

 8) Control and management process of unqualified products.


4. Food safety

 1) Human resource control;

 2) Safety training of employees;

 3) HACCP system;

 4) Allergen control;

 5) Traceability and mock recall;

 6) Regular verification and expert maintenance of software & hardware control system.




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 Customer service: provide attentive service; customer brand is always the priority

 Research & Development: keep improving and innovating, customize more solutions

 Cooperation & Collaboration: impact on industry innovation and reform regarding food safety

 Corporate Responsibility: commitment to community and sustainable development